SYNTH | Osaka・Dojima Rental Office(Serviced Office)

A new way of using office space and a change in the traditional way of renting office

Business Lounge of SYNTH

2 areas of the third and fourth floors.
In total, approximately 240㎡, 80 seats. Available in all plans!

Third floor lounge (South side)

Fourth floor lounge (North side)


Comfortable chairs

11 types of
beverages and tea
which changes daily

Soothing music

Thai brand Aroma
with a relaxing effect

Business hours:Weekdays 9:00 ~ 18:00
(Closed on weekends, national holidays, and certain days in December and January as specified by SYNTH)

Lounge and meeting rooms are for members only.
Only clients of SYNTH are able to use it.

Use our lounges like your home

Invite your customers and guests without hesitation

¥3,000 per day and person  Monthly ¥9,800
(You can use 1 person lounge for your client)

The lounge can accommodate a large number of visitors

Up to 12 people are able to use our meeting rooms

Use our lounges depending on your requirements

Private offices for ordinary work

Size of office is tailored to the least number of people who work at your office

Lounges for meeting

Use the lounge for lunch or with a larger numbers of visitors

Things that SYNTH can offer due to having one of
the largest lounge in the Kansai area

Meeting room

Visitors to your company can be looked after at reception.
We ask them to wait in the lounge, or we can take them to the meeting room directly if you simply tell us at reception in advance that you are expecting visitors

Reserved lounge plan

You can also use for opening parties or seminar events

Usage fee:¥70,000 per reservation (Tax not included)
Open on weekdays:18:30~21:30 Open on Saturdays 9:00~12:00 /13:00~16:00