SYNTH | Osaka・Dojima Rental Office(Serviced Office)

A new way of using office space and a change in the traditional way of renting office

Frequently asked questions from visitors

helpAre there any other costs apart from the minimum fee?
There are no other costs except electricity.
Extra fees incurred if you need extra services.
Extra services:Exclusive phone number starting with 06, Renting lockers or meeting rooms.
helpDoes a serviced office have credibility?
This is a standard office system used around the world.
Our clients include world-renowned foreign companies, domestic listed companies, and professionals.
helpTo what extent are cleaning services covered in the plans ?
On Sundays and Saturdays, we clean the carpets, wipe the dust off the desks, and waste disposal.
*You can request customized cleaning.
e.g., ”Do not touch the desk because there are many important documents.” “I want to take out the trash by myself.” etc...
help Is it possible to expand the office space?
It may be possible depending on the status of unoccupied rooms.
You can reduce time and cost needed for moving and remaking of website pages because moving can be completed within SYNTH premise.